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I am an organizational psychologist and sociologist, leadership consultant, learning & development professional, business trainer, mixed-methods researcher, speaker, and best-selling author of books on leadership, organizational culture, and evidence-based management.

In my professional like, I am a Co-Founder, Partner and Head of Product Research & Insights at Freenovation, Assistant Professor at Jagiellonian University, and a Member of the Stanford Culture Lab.

At home, I am a husband, father, and record punk-rock covers of children's songs.

Public speaking

Throughout my speaking engagements at corporate events and international conferences, I inspire audiences to develop based on the latest scientific research and real-life case studies.

TEDxKotor: To Change the World, You Only Need To Get Two Things Right

TNR: Lead Like a Geek, or How Not to Manage Millennials

TEDxSUoT: How To Lead an Evidence-Based Life

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On-site an on-line trainings and workshops

As a trainer, I develop and offer short, intensive on-site trainings and on-line workshops that include real-world, evidence-based tools that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of leaders, managers, and entire teams.

Suggested training topics:

  • Good-enough leadership.
  • Leadership of the future.
  • Building team and organizational cultures.
  • Communication and cooperation in remote teams.
  • Self-motivation in remote work and beyond.
  • No-nonsense employee motivation and engagement
  • Fundamentals of evidence-based management.
  • Evidence-based public speaking.

Excerpts from on-line webinars:

Kindness - Your Hidden Superpower (in Polish)

Staying Self-Motivated and Productive While Working From Home

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"The Good-Enough Leader. 12 Lessons in Authentic Leadership for Times of Uncertainty"

"The Good-Enough Leader. 12 Lessons in Authentic Leadership for Times of Uncertainty" is a workbook for leaders and managers who are looking for prescriptions on how to build authentic relationships in their organizations in times of uncertainty, fluidity, and a shift from face-to-face interactions to online meetings. The book combines academic and practical perspectives, offering a range of tools and solutions ready for you to implement right away in your own company or team.

In the book you will find accounts from the battlefield, experiences of organizations that were forced to act in a crisis situation and managed to cope with it - thanks to specific behaviors, appropriate ways of communication, and leaders thinking in the right direction. Together with co-author Sebastian Drzewiecki, VP and Managing Director of Sabre Poland, we reveal the key paradoxes of leadership and show you how to break free from them to become an effective leader - good enough in times of uncertainty.

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"Evidence-Based Recruitment and Selection. 33 rules for effective employee recruitment"

"Evidence-Based Recruitment and Selection. 33 rules for effective employee recruitment". The first publication in Poland to present the most important tools and elements of the recruitment and selection process from the perspective of the latest international scientific research in this field. The publication comprehensively, accessibly and - importantly - with humor, discusses such topics as the psychology of the recruitment process, work performance, the validity of selection tools and decision-making in the recruitment of employees.

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"Organizational Culture and the Meaning of Work"

This is an in-depth, ethnographic case study of organizational culture-building strategies at one of the oldest Fair Trade coffee co-ops in North America. The field research I conducted in Canada allowed me to critically analyze how cultural models of work are constructed, reconstructed, and related to the daily actions of the co-op's managers, employees, and members. The book examines both the mechanisms responsible for the incompatibility between rhetoric and cultural practice in the firm and the effective practices and rituals that help control employees' perceptions of the meaning of work in the organization.

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Media presence

My scientific publications can be viewed on my Google Scholar profile and on ORCID.

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